Level 1 Anatomy, Physiology & Biomechanics

Level One Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics

Anatomy,  Physiology and Biomechanics are comprehensive aspects required to  understand sports performance and how to improve it. It is essential for  coaches to recognise that not all sports have the same level of  technical and complex movements. Knowing how the body works is important  when developing coaching programmes for different functional activities  such as flexibility, strength and stamina, to ensure the athlete has  the best education for their sport, can avoid creating imbalances within  the body and know how to prevent injury. This will enable athletes to  achieve their potential in their sport and reach the excellence required  for optimum health and fitness.

Who is the course designed for?

  • Those who wish to study the specialist aspects of the body and how it works in relation to pole sports
  • Fitness and or dance instructors wishing to become a pole sports coach
  • Those who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of pole sports
  • Those who wish to coach regional, national and world pole sports athletes
  • Those who wish to progress to Level 1 Pole Sports Coach and further IPSF coaching programmes

What does the level 1 certificate qualify me to do?

On  successful completion of the course with a minimum pass rate of 80%,  the Level 1 Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology can be used towards  CPD requirements and as a prerequisite for other EPIC courses. Learners  will be able to progress to Level 1 Pole Sports Coach and further IPSF  coaching programmes including the Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy,  Physiology and Biomechanics for advanced level coaches.


Course pathway for Coaches certification


Level 4 Coaching Trainer
This  course is by invitation only and is designed for certified coaches to  become trainers of the courses in the coaching pathway.


Level 3 Certificate in Elite Pole Sports Coaching
This  course will enable certified coaches to take athletes to the highest  level of competition by gaining the knowledge required to coach athletes  holistically. Athletes at elite level require an understanding from  their coach about how to incorporate the intense level of training,  nutritional needs and psychological assessment into safe and healthy  practice.


Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Pole Sports
This  course is designed to coach at an intermediate and advanced level  building on the knowledge and know-how of level one and looking at all  aspect of Pole, developing a greater understanding of the mechanics of  the body in relation to the pole. Level two develops safety and spotting  skills as well as movement and training skills


Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Pole Sports
This  course is designed to coach beginners, enthusiasts and amateurs. The  emphasis is on safe coaching as well as technical coaching. You will  also develop a greater understanding of the physical and psychological  demands of pole sports on both the pole enthusiast, the pole athlete and  the disabled poler and how this impacts on your coaching.


Level 1 certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics
This  course gives the foundations for excellent practice in coaching pole  sports and is a mandatory prerequisite for all further coaching courses  on the coaching pathway (unless you already have a similar  certification). The course focuses on functions of the body, warming up,  main event workouts and cooling down as well as flexibility and  strength training.

What are the pre-requisites to attend the course?

There are no pre-requisites for this course, however this course is the prerequisite for all IPSF coaching courses.

How is the course delivered?

The  IPSF Level 1 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics is  delivered as an online e-learning course. It will be split into the  following phases:

Phase 1- Online study and quizzes

Phase 2 - Online written assessment

Phase 3 – Video practical assessment

Phase 4 – Certificate issued once successfully completed

Throughout  the taught programme the theoretical understanding of how the body  works in relation to pole sports is threaded through the technical and  practical skills both by discussion and review of course materials. You  will be assessed through an independent online assessment at the end of  the course.

Successful candidates who achieve 80% pass rate or more will receive a certificate.

Course objectives

On  successful completion of the IPSF Level 1 Certificate in Anatomy,  Physiology and Biomechanics, learners will be able to understand:

  • The skeletal system
  • The articular system
  • The muscular system
  • The nervous system
  • The respiratory system
  • The cardiovascular system

Demonstrate an understanding of:

  • Movement analysis
  • Flexibility development
  • Strength development
  • Warm up and cool down


All candidates will receive high quality downloadable resources to support the qualification. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    UNIT 1 - APB - Introduction to the Course

    • Unit 1a - Presentation Information

    • Unit 1b - APB - Course Resources

    • Unit 1c - APB - Course Guide

    • UNIT 1d - APB - Quiz

  • 2

    UNIT 2 - APB - Introduction to the Body

    • Unit 2a - APB - Introduction to the Body

    • Unit 2b - APB - Quiz

  • 3

    UNIT 3 - APB - Skeletal System

    • Unit 3a Skeletal system

    • Unit 3b - APB - Quiz

  • 4

    UNIT 4 - APB - Articular System

    • Unit 4a - APB - Articular System

    • Unit 4 - APB - Quiz

  • 5

    UNIT 5 - APB - Muscular System

    • Unit 5a - APB Muscular System

    • Unit 5 - APB - Quiz

  • 6

    UNIT 6 - APB - Cardiovascular System

    • Unit 6a - APB - Cardiovascular System

    • Unit 6b - Quiz

  • 7

    UNIT 7 - APB - Respiratory System

    • Unit 7a - APB - Respiratory System

    • Unit 7b - APB - Quiz

  • 8

    UNIT 8 - APB - Nervous System

    • Unit 8a - APB - Nervous System

    • UNIT 8b - APB - Quiz

  • 9

    UNIT 9 - APB - Biomechanics and Movement Analysis

    • Unit 9a - APB - Biomechanics and Movement Analysis

    • UNIT 9b - APB - Quiz

  • 10

    UNIT 10 - APB - Warm-Up

    • Unit 10a Warm Up Theory

    • UNIT 10b - APB - Quiz

  • 11

    UNIT 11 - APB - Main Work-Out

    • Unit 11a - APB - Main Work-Out

    • Unit 11b - APB - Quiz

  • 12

    UNIT 12 - APB - Conditioning

    • Unit 12a - APB - Conditioning

    • Unit 12b - APB - Quiz

  • 13

    UNIT 13 - APB - Cool-Down

    • Unit 13a - APB - Cool-Down

    • Unit 13b - APB - Quiz

  • 14

    Unit 14 - Assessment Information

    • Unit 14 - Assessment Information

    • Unit 14 - Quiz

  • 15

    Unit 15 Assessments

    • UNIT 15a - APB - Written Assessment 1

    • UNIT 15b - APB - Written Assessment 2

    • UNIT 15c - Practical Assessment Video and Paperwork Upload

  • 16

    Unit 16 - Course Feedback and Certificate Information

    • Certificate

    • UNIT 16 - APB - Course Feedback

About the instructor


Katie Coates

KT has been a major influence in the pole  industry for over  20 years and is a pioneer and leading authority in  the push to get Pole Sports recognised as a sport and eventual inclusion into the Olympic Games. She has also been a  leading figure in pole training and coaching programmes, creating the  fist fitness programme for pole and now the first coaching programmes for pole.  She has be instrumental in raising  health and safety standards within the pole community from both a  coaching and competition perspective. As President, Katie oversees the Federations, Competitions, Trainings and Marketing  committees as well as co-ordinating the day to day tasks associated with  running of the IPSF.

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