IPSF Level 2 Certificate in Judging

“Judge, transparent and fair  competitions in line with the International Pole sports Federation Code  of Points and Rules and Regulations.”

The IPSF Level 2 Certificate in Judging  is the second step on the IPSF Training Pathway for those wishing to  develop their knowledge from the Level 1 Certificate in the Code of Points training. The only qualification of its kind  focuses on understanding how to fairly judge IPSF Pole Sports athletes,  the areas of judging, ethics and rules and regulations.

This is the most in-depth course of its  kind for pole sports and will give you an inside understanding of the  process to become a successful pole sports judge.

Who is this course designed for?

This IPSF Level 2 Certificate in Judging is suitable for:

  • Athletes looking to further enhance their knowledge
  • Coaches looking to further enhance their knowledge
  • Enthusiasts looking to become a judge
  • Those who have passed the IPSF Level 1 Certificate in the Code of Points
  • Federations and competitions organisers who have been endorsed by the IPSF.

What level does the IPSF level 2 certificate in Judging qualify me to do?

The course will qualify the successful candidate to:

  • Judge IPSF regional competitions
  • Judge IPSF national competitions
  • Judge IPSF Open Competitions
  • Apply for World Pole Sports Championships coach status.


Course pathway for Judges Certification


Level 4 Certificate in Master Training
This course is by IPSF invitation only. Those selected must have a high  level of experience in judging, must be certified as a head judge and  must recertify annually at 80% pass rate as well as having a good foundation in teaching pole sports.


Level 3 Certificate in Head Judging Pole Sports
This course gives the participant a high level of understanding of how  to oversee a judging panel at national level. This course is suitable  for those who would like to progress from level 2 and those wishing to oversee national and regional competitions for  federations. All judges must have judged for a minimum of 1 year and  recertified with 80% pass rate.


Level 2 Certificate in Judging Pole Sports
This course gives the participant a good level of understanding of the  code of points and how to apply the code to judging. This is suitable  for those who would like to progress from level 1, those wishing to compete or coach and those seeking a higher level of  knowledge of the IPSF scoring system. All participants must have a high  level of understanding of pole sports and its movements.


Level 1 certificate in the Code of Points
This course give the participant an introduction and basic level of  understanding of the code of points. This is suitable for those wishing  to compete, seek knowledge of the scoring system or as an introduction to becoming an IPSF EPIC coach.

What are the requirements to attend the course?

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have a good to high level  (intermediate to advanced) understanding of pole sports movements (you  do not need to perform any elements and there is no practical pole work on the course).
  • Be able to demonstrate knowledge and  understanding of what is required to perform Pole Sports and the  technicalities required when participating in competitions.
  • To re-certify annually
  • To take part in free Continued Professional Development (CPD)

How is the course delivered?

The IPSF Level 2 Certificate in Judging  will be delivered by an accredited IPSF tutor. It will be split into  the following phases:

Phase 1 - Written pre-course study: Complete the online study of the learning  materials and pass the quizzes to test the level of understanding. Please note this will take  approximately 10-15 hours and must be completed before attending the  tutor led training

Phase 2 - Pre course tasks: Complete the critique of the 2 videos to prepare for the practical course sessions

Phase 3 - Course delivery day 1: Tutor led instruction; tutor will observe throughout the singles judging practical session.

Phase 4 - Mid course task: Complete IPSF compulsory and bonus forms as an athlete.

Phase 5 - Course delivery day 2: Tutor led instruction; tutor will observe throughout the doubles judging practical session.

Phase 6 - Video judging pre-assessment study: Complete the online study of the learning materials and pass the quizzes to test the level of understanding.

Phase 7 - Video judging assessment: Practical judging competency assessment.

Phase 8 - Written assessment - Multiple choice assessments to include questions on all elements of the judging course.

Throughout the taught programme the  theoretical “Understanding the Code of Points” skills are threaded  through the technical and tactical “How judge” skills, both by discussion and review of videos. As a result you will have many  opportunities to ask questions and receive feedback on the Judging  skills that you have learnt. You will be assessed through an independent online assessment within two weeks of the end of the course.

Successful candidates that achieve 60% pass rate or more will achieve certification.

Course objectives

On successful completion of the Level 2 Certificate in Judging Pole Sports, learners will be able to:

  • Identify the role of each member of the judging team and their assisting staff.
  • Identify the IPSF rules, regulations and ethical code
  • Judge all sections of the IPSF code of points.
  • Demonstrate an ability to judge a regional and national IPSF competition under the guidance of the IPSF certified head judge.
  • Promote and establish working relationships with other qualified judges and head judges.
  • Maintain high standards of behaviour with athletes, coaches and officials

Demonstrate an understanding of:

  • Technical bonus scoring and judging.
  • Technical deduction scoring and judging
  • Art and choreography scoring and judging
  • Compulsory scoring and judging
  • How to add up scores
  • Each category and division requirements
  • How to complete paperwork
  • Athlete and judges penalties
  • Planning to judge
  • Working with athletes, attitudes and ethics.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of further  personal development opportunities in Pole Sports, including judging,  coaching and sports therapy.


All candidates will receive high  quality downloadable resources to support the qualification.  These will  include an induction pack and IPSF Code of Points, rules and regulations and resource sheet to support the core learning  outcomes.

Booking & Cost

Cost - £135


In order to book your course date you  will need to apply a maximum of 7 days before the course start date.  This is in order to make sure you have read and understood the pre-course study material in preparation for the course.  Course  dates will not be bookable within 7 days of the course.

Please note that to transfer to another course date is to be arranged through the IPSF Training Administrator, and will only be done at a cost of £20 per transfer requested.

Please note the course will only go ahead if there are a minimum of 5 participants registered 1 week before the course. If the course is cancelled due to low participation, the IPSF Training Administrator will contact you to arrange a transfer at no cost to you.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Holding Page

    • Holding Page

About the instructor

Master Trainer

Bianca Scholten

Bianca has been involved in the pole  industry in South Africa for a number of years as a student, instructor,  competitor, and at national federation level.  Bianca was one of the first IPSF qualified judges in South Africa (and  in Africa), and qualified as the first Head Judge in Africa.  Bianca  joined the IPSF as a member of the technical committee in 2015, and took over as the Technical Director in 2016.  In 2017,  Bianca took over from Kate Whitley as the Vice President.   Bianca is passionate about pole fitness  and pole sports, and enjoys pushing herself and her students, taking  every opportunity to learn.  The need for a consistent and transparent system is what drew Bianca to the IPSF in the  first place; the drive for recognition as an Olympic Sport is one that  Bianca is excited to be involved in.

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